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Torino postcards- Venaria Reale/ Wspomnienia z podróży do Włoch. Dzień pierwszy- Venaria

The very beginning of the trip

Big excitement and big tiredness after three hours of sleep. A promise land is waiting...
Waiting too long for the Sun. Finally found it above clouds. Too excited to stop taking pictures.
Reached our destination- Aeroporto Caselle
1, The best view ever. Unexpecting as we didn't know we're we end up till the day before. Didn't have time to prepare any information about the city we were going to. Longed too long for the Sun. Happy as ever.
2. After three hours of waiting for a train, we went to our lovely room and soon afterwards straight to a bed.
3,4,5. Woke up in the evening. Refreshed and ready to sightseeing.

Next day planning our first trip without knowing much language.
1 The view from our balcony. Sun was shining and warming us.
2. Our balcony and a nice house opposite.
3,4. Excited about going by train alone. We had small trouble while buying tickets but we managed to sort things out. Beautiful landscape all around us.
5. Venaria Reale- our first city to visit.

1. The Sun. Finally. So many cloudy days in Poland... I was missing Sun so much I couldn't stop taking pictures. We were sighing and repeating how lucky we are and how much we deserved that trip. Ahhh, I still feel the excitement of that journey. I was so happy then!
2. A picture of Michele Lessona. At the same time we spotted the same sentence while reading. It says: "Where there is a will, there is a way". We looked at each other and laughed. We understand each other without words. It was all about us taking the chance to go to Torino without hesitation. Without the will, we woldn't have been there. Follow your dreams- it was our life lesson.
3.Public square.
4. The view of Reggia di Venaria Reale. So sad it was closed that day.

Wearing my sunglasses for the first time this year. What a wonderful feeling! The sunny streets of Venaria Reale were so beautiful I lost myself in them. I use almost half the memory on my Kodak camera recording the moment:)
1. The view of Alps. They were beautiful even if so far away. But I could live with that view through my window :)
2. Going along the Reggia di Venaria Reale, looking for nice sights. That street looked very inviting...
3. We were able to see only this white bench instead of gardens of Reggia di Venaria Reale.
4. But we were lucky enough. Having heaing the street next to the Reggia we entered faerie, enchanted land of The Park of La Mandria.
5. It was a real highlight of that day.
So wonderful there! So much space and green! The best day of the whole trip! And the warmest!

1. A promise of nice meetings with the nature.
2. Not only I was feeling enchanted...
3. We took the same picture with my friend :)
4. When you enter Parco la Mandria you don't know in which direction you should go. Everywhere was so beautiful. The land is huge. You need a bike to see everything.
5. This nutria was very curious of us. And vice versa :)
 1. Posing in the Sun.
2. Nice buildings there.
3. Looks like in England :)
4. The best place to rest for a while. A bench in the Sun, no wind. Paradise. So peacful. So memorable.


It was the best time that day. We were sitting on that bench for an hour, sunbathing and feeling happy. Waiting for the Sun to go down slowly.
Couldn't stop taking pictures. That day in Venaria was so beautiful I remember it the most. There was so peacful we could sit here all day long even if our chair was situated under a toilet's window ;)
How to leave such a place??

Walking around Venaria, saying good bye to the most beautiful day of our trip and the Sun.

Taking last pictures and going home to Lanzo. Being in a hurry to not to miss our last train. Waking up in the next morning and do some washing using a little stool for little people :) Next planning our trip to Turin. Still happy as ever. We enjoyed every day of our journey. The trip was such an ingenious idea I still recall it every time I'm in bad mood. It was the best idea of the 2016 :) I know it's been a month now when I went to Turin but it is still something I'm going back to when I'm sad or so. That's why I let you guys recall it with me some more :)

Next post from Italy soon :)

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