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The Fifth Element/ Luc Besson

As I can’t stand TV programmes because of their stupidity and shallow plots, I strongly advise you stop wasting your time watching them and turn to films instead. They have more to give than TV shows.
As a great example I’ll tell you about one of the best sci-fi films that has ever been made. It was directed by Luc Besson known for “Taxi” and “Lèon”. “The Fifth Element” was released in 1997 and became an instant success. This came as no surprise because with such a tremendously good storyline and many top film stars it couldn’t have been different.

The Selection of actors was a brilliant choice as it gave us many outstanding characters. We really enjoy ourselves whilst watching that fascinating storyline of Luc Besson.

I’m talking about Bruce Willis, the main star, who had been cast in many various films before but for the first time, in this role, he showed his excellent acting skills. Then we have Mila Jovovich, stunning and beautiful as always, who was amazing in the role of Leeloo, delicate and strong super being designed to save the world. Next, Chris Turcker, playing an outrageous and extremely funny Ruby Rhod. Finally, marvellous Gary Oldman, with his evil role- Mr Zorg. His excellent acting skills levelled up his character in my eyes. He made us hate him and love him at the same time. Gary Oldman played his role with such passion we can’t think of anyone else who could replace him. He simply forces us to give credit to his presence at the film because we feel the story wouldn’t be the same without him.

It is obvious that director did magnificent job as even background actors were extraordinarily good. I’m thinking of Ian Holm as incompetent Vito Cornelius and Brion James playing quirky and full of radical ideas General Munroe. We can see from the very beginning how important for the plot these characters are.

But it wasn’t only the actors that were significant for the success of  “The Fifth Element”. I must mention tremendous soundtrack here as well as masterful ending and fantastic special effects or funny love scenes. Even ingeniously designed costumes proved of the wide imagination of the director. And as the icing on the cake, we have enormously bright dialogue and fascinating scenes, some of which went down in history. For example, when Mila Jovovich, avoiding to be arrested by police, jumped down from a very high building into space traffic. Love it!

If you haven’t seen “The Fifth Element” yet, I strongly recommend that you should make up for the lost time immediately, as this film is a real classic! Even thought it was made in the 90’s, you will find it as good as many great films produced now or even better. It is a huge progress in history of cinema and a big stride in sci-fi production since “Blade Runner” and “Total Recall”. There is an enormous abyss between them and “The Fifth Element”. Luc Besson took a terrific step into future. Moreover, you can still consider all facts from this film as futuristic. Only a box of matches have remained the same.
Finally, I need to add here that you don’t see many films like this nowadays, where everything is connected so well and there isn’t a single thing about the film that the director should be ashamed of. So you see yourself- you musn’t miss this film. You won’t regret your choice, I assure you!
Great music, inteligent jokes, fantastic costumes and the best crew- that must be a hit!

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