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Torino postcards- Turin/ Turyn-Włochy

       When you prefer big cities, Turin won't dissapoint you. It's big enough to stay there for a week and you still don't see everything what there is to see. We visited Turin three times and it was wonderfull. So much to see. The city is beautifull. Old buildings and great old town with its streets where you simply can't lost. Best option when days are cloudy and greyish. The city has a lot to offer. I miss it already!

      Preparing to the trip. First time in a city we knew nothing about... Two girls that always follow their husbands, this time on their own- quite a big thing for them. It was high time they went through life without help. Time for self-reliance!
        It will be a difficult mission- they thought. They always relied on someone else. The problem started the first time they got on a train. They had to watch carefully what stations they passed in order to not to miss the right one. And be really careful with the track so that they could get on the right train. Fortunatelly the Turin stop was the last one and there was only one track going back and forth to Turin and Lanzo. They were very lucky.

     After that they were better with each step. Self-confidence raised as they managed to get to the city by bus and train. In fact they knew what to do when reached the city because they had instructions which bus and train to catch, given by their lovely hosts, nonetheless for them it was something big anyway! You have to remember- they always relied on other people while travelling. That time they were alone. If something would go wrong, they had to find solutions by themselves only.But the city was perfect for their first time alone abroad. People around them were nice, were giving them directions, maps and were helping them buying tickets and understanding the process of using tickets in Turin. They've found the right place for them!

    Happy happy happy. We longed for going abroad so much and finally we were there, in beautiful Italy.We couldn't belive it.  When you follow your dreams, life became deeper and has more sense than ever.

    Grey day- grey pictures. But despite the clouds and the weather, we were just happy and nothing could spoil our good mood. Besides, there is so much to see you silmply can't be bored. And weather like that sometimes can be suitable when you sightseeing. The sun in Italy sometimes is so strong you can't go without your sunglasses and coud be too hot to wander about the streets.

      USA-look :)

    Paradise for fashion lovers. Long streets dedicated to clothes shopping. You don't have to go to Milan to buy yourself a nice pair of shoes. Turin is more beutiful- according to our hosts and not so busy and crowded- according to what we saw.

  1. My little friend in the right place
  2. "The face"- it was the reason why Italian were so nice and helpful. We looked too needy and lost to walk past us indifferently. 
    Days in the city were passing by so quickly. One hour we got off the train and aimed toward the busy city centre, the next hour we were in a hurry to got to the trains station to catch the last train to Lanzo. Which were going home too early for our standards, but our self-confidence in travelling didn't extend as much as travelling by buses. We didn't want to even try just in case it was too much for us and our new self-reliance. 

    It was such a shame! The old city looked incredibly wonderful in the night... But well, we prefer not to see it all to end up there for a whole night without a place to sleep in. Maybe next time when we wold be ready to learn how to use long distance buses in Turin :)

    Is this really our train? Is it the last? When we shold get off? - we made friends with an entire staff of the train and with people working on the Turin station while answering all those questions. And with a school-girl. If you like making friends my advise is go to Italy and travel using public means of transport.

Is it a sign? My favourite polish fudges found in an italian shop! It was faith that sent me to Turin, now I know it for sure :)
    Black people selling their stuff on the street. They were everywhere carrying their portable booths.

  1. First street in the old town we visited. We fell in love with that busy centre of italian citizens' lives.
  2. Me making a movie.
  3. , 4. Monuments. So many of them and so ... monumental.
  1. Another monument.
  2. Palazzo Carignano.
  3. So invating. I could live upstairs!
   At present I rarely look good in pictures. But when I do, I love sharing them with other people so I enlarged this pics for you haha.

    Magnificent buildings. The Turin city centre is glorious. 

Even "normal" buildings look great and so European!
  1. A statue in front of Museo Egizio.
  2. A plan of Palazzo Carignano.
  3. A monument. I told you there were plenty of them.
    Magnificent city. Lots of places that you just have to see.
  1. So many churches, each one is more beautiful than the previous one we visited.
  2. Don't ask me. This picture is not mine!
  3. My new friends.
   I love those streets with mountains in the background.
   Posing against a nice background.
Yeah, loved those streets with old buildings.
   In a church.
   Love love love! Could wandering there for days!

   Another church.
   Dawn. Everything become even more magical!
   And at night is just beautiful...
   Next day- next places to be discovered.

   Parco del Valentino. Unless our host told us about it, we wouldn't see it. Would be a shame!
We just had to cross that bridge.
    Isn't it beautiful? Imagine it in the sun!
  1. Crossing the bridge. 
  2. Another bridge but not so pretty like the previous one. Not so old as well.
  3. Me risking my life for a foto.
  4. A lovely fountain. My friend threw a coin into water in order to make a wish of returning there.
I didn't have any wishes. I was happy enough.
  1. Visiting the city of Pinocchio. We just stumbled it across going back from Parco del Valentino.
  2. A church.
  3. A statue on the bridge. So many details. Bridges and buildings in Turin were just incredible.
Who would even try to resist a temptation of eating gelatti?
   Still in Parco del Valentino. It's too big to see everything. You need a bike or a horse ;)
   Great views!!
   You need to visit this city some time!

Love this view.

   I will never forget that magic trip. I'm so glad I waste all my money I saved for next year english course. Money is not important. Your life is. Remember that when you'll have to chose between your life and dreams and other, less important things. I hope I'll visit Italy one more time. Or more times than one. I left there a piece of my heart. And you have to go when your heart is, right? :)
That's how Italians say "Good bye" :)
     I'm not saying good bye to my memories about Turin trip yet because I want to make a small film. Well, I'll see if I can make that journey goes forever :)

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