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Unexpected second trip to Rhodes. May

           This time our holidays weren’t fully planned. Of course we knew we were going to Greece for a week, but our schedule completely changed when we found a great offer, with a big discount. There was only one problem.  The destination. We had been to Rhodes in September the year before and we had found that island quite boring. No secret beaches, no magnificent views, not many towns and villages to see. Last year we had told to ourselves that we didn’t want to go back to Rhodes in many years and we would go back there only to buy some honey from Embonas when our supplies from the year before would be used up (the best honey I have ever tasted is from Rhodes!). 
           One more disadvantage was that we needed to reschedule our plans and go two weeks earlier that had been planned. We really wanted to try and see Greece in June instead of May, as we always do (bigger discounts). We wanted this year to be different. And warmer. 

          Well, plans and reality, we all know how it all goes. We decided to change our plans in order to save some money. Was it a good decision? Not exactly. It turned out that prices in June were even cheaper and destinations more tempting. But who could have known? And who would have thought that reliable Rhodes weather, on one of the warmest Greek islands, will be so disappointing this time? It rained two days in a row and water temperature was surprisingly low. But you know what? We
thought: “What the hell, we’re on holiday and nothing will ruin it!”. Even the dullness of two first days, even quietness of the place we stayed on (Kiotari village, but more the edge of the village; but the center of the village is boring too, built in hotels only).
         It was our precious time and we decided to make the most of it and squeeze as much as we could from that holiday trip. With a car and right mood everything is possible.

           Last year we had visited the most knowing touristic places on Rhodes (except for Valley of butterflies) so this time we decided to do this differently. No Rhodes Town, no Prasonissi, no wandering around in the centre of Lindos only, with its crammed touristic shops, no lying all days long on beaches, no diving (mostly because of the coldness of the sea). This time it was an adventure.

        We wanted to see what other people didn’t bother or care to see. 

           Namely true spirit of Rhodes. People, who live there, the simplicity of their lives and hard work they do stay underwater and survive. Small villages and its back streets, wine grapes located on top of mountains, Attraviros mountains, lost beaches (difficult without a proper car like an off-road vehicle), moribund buildings telling us how many young people emigrated from small villages to towns in order to find jobs. Undone buildings with their stories about financial crises in Greece. We wanted to be something more than just ordinary tourists.
          We wanted to hear people's voice and feel the spirit of the island hidden on mountains. This time it was different, and only this attitude saved us from boredom of Rhodes Island. It’s the only Greek island which we have already visited and we don’t want to revisit. The monotony of the landscape and lack of nice villages (Rhodes is crowded with hotels and touristic shops that make it difficult to find real life underneath) keep us away from the island. And only honey, wine, the beauty of scenery and quietness of mountains together with people could bring us back (thanks to Stavros and his attitude towards life J). And that was the main reasons that tempted us to see the island one more time...

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