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Rhodes 28.09.-12.10.2015/ Rodos w pażdzierniku.

Rhodes island in October is a great idea. Sunny weather, over 25 degrees every day, no raining and still a lot of tourists when you like busy hotels and other people's company. The tourist season here lasts till fiftinth of
October so when you are tired of rainy days in your country, catch a flight and go to Rhodes. And buy yourself the best honey you've ever eaten. Its being sold in Embonas. Don't forget to go there! Oh! And enjoy your holiday!

You may even catch an almost empty plane like it happened to us!

Lindos beach

St Paul's Bay next to Lindos

KAVOS beach (Pefki)
A homeless dog. Or looking alike. Hard to figure out. You can meet many homeless dogs and cats on Rhodes. It's very sad.
Peaceful and warm water, sands and rocks.
Hardly ever wind blows here so water is calm, peaceful and very clear. Perfect place to swim in the evenings where there's no one here and the Sun is going down behind your back.

Jordan beach (next to Calithea)

It's a really nice place to dive. You have to use these steps to start your underwater journey safely. There's also a cat shelter so you need to be careful when you travel by car, cause cats are free to go whenever they want
 Oasis beach (or was it Tasos?)
RODOS city
The most known view in the city. There used to be a statue of Colossus, but it was destroyed in the earthquake in ancient times.

The city is very commercial, as the whole island.

Greeks drive these narrow streets! Of course only scooters are allowed.


Rhodes beach


           Lallysos is a small town next to Rhodes. It's always windy so you can jump on waves. On this side of the island wind blows almost every day.
When there's no wind in Lallysos (unlikely:))

Anthony Quinn beach

 Ladiko beach

and right next to it is our diving paradise...
All you have to do is to pass Ladiko beach

On the way back from Rhodes town to Faliraki...
One of very few breathtaking views on Rhodes
 Cape Fourni
When you go to the mountains there are only you and nature. And complete quietness.
On our way...
Finally... Cape Fourni
And next to is Fourni Beach
But how to get there? Definitely not from Cape Fourni!
Ataviros Mountains
You can see Glyfada bay between hills. But there is no sense going there because it is very difficult to swim there.

Pine trees. When I see them I'm thinking about pine honey from Embonas, the best honey I've ever eaten.
Kopria beach
 Along west coast (Mandriko-Aghios Minas)

Silence and wildness

One of the two best places to watch the sunset

 Atraviros mauntain
It's the second best place for sunsets

Pefki beach (don't remember which one, but not Kavos)

Only for windsurfers. Too windy to lie on the beach
Our new friend
It might look peaceful but it isn't!

Paradisi beach

Going back is always traumatic
But memories will help us to get through this trauma :)

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